Services We Provide
From our offices in Northern, CA & all of USA

Income tax Preparation

Lower Your Self Employment Taxes

IRS Representation
Fuel Tax Reports
Cost per Mile Analysis
Audits of Settlement Statements
for Trucker Owner Operators, Long Haul Truckers away from Home but Requiring

Profitability Analysis
Bookkeeping Software

Plus these FREE Services:

Free Organizer, Free Tax News, Free Year end Tax planning,
and of course, our Free initial Interview Review!
Among the areas in which we can save you TIME and MONEY are:

Lease or Buy Decision making support – because decision requires a THOUGHTFUL and BALANCED

Functioning as your CFO/Controller or Bookkeeper, as needed consistent with your requirements
because our experience will allow you to focus on other areas further increasing your profits.

We’re also prepared to provide these service in addition to bill paying, payroll, HR and tax returns and
compliance at either your place or ours, helping your business remain or get solvent and nurturing it in
order to steadily grow.

We will show you how to protect your assets, manage internal controls, design or establish systems for
hands on or absentee management. Being prepared and taking necessary precautions is always much
less expensive in the short, as well as the long run.

Fraud detection and fraud prevention strategies involving  vigilance and covering your rear while not
always necessary, are but an once of protection and precaution which will make every business less
vulnerable to unexpected  risks, while giving you more peace of mind. IT’S BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN

Information used wisely always generates more profit. We will help you develop customized systems
which will yield user-specific management reports, providing you with clear, easily understood relevant
and useful information. Careful analysis of operations, projected and ongoing projects and how you
and your company spend your time and money is how we’ll get it done.

Developing and tapping into software solutions which are applicable to your needs. We will hold your
hand in areas that you may lack expertise in. We are always available to answer your questions.

Our commitment to old fashioned customer service will benefit you and your business through our
awareness, attention and analytical understanding of the whole picture. We also offer insightful
evaluation and training necessary to get you and your team up to speed so that you become more self
reliant, because that is where the gold is.

Helping you with critical business development, marketing, advertising and cost benefit analysis.
Remember that nothing happens until someone is selling and someone is buying.

Because, in a competitive world, market share is also important, we are also prepared to lend our
expertise in mergers, acquisitions and brokerage.

Most growing businesses also need knowledge in Human Resources. As much as we like to do it all by
ourselves, we usually find a need to delegate certain tasks to others.

We can save you time, money and potential grief by assisted you in attracting, interviewing and
selection of personnel.

Effective ways to reduce Self Employment Taxes

Because tax laws are confusing and subject to interpretation, we’re happy to offer you a free second
opinion, in order to help you decide what’s appropriate for you.

Because you should only pay Uncle Sam what you legally owe, we’ll be happy to help you with Strategic
Planning. We’ve done it before and we can do it for you. With a critical eye to understanding your
unique needs and financial situation, we’ll minimize your tax burden, and make sure that the many
new, and sometimes ambiguous tax laws work for your advantage.

Our diverse and successful track record serving individuals, estates, partnerships, corporations, trusts
and LLC’s can work for you.

Whether you’ve done really, really well, or you are just on your way, we know how to protect your
assets and how to help you plan for your future. You can rely on us for estate and gift tax planning,
estate tax minimization and exit strategies. After all, it’s your money, and we want to make sure you
are aware of your options and make the choices right for you.

In order to secure and maximize the growth of your estate, we can lend you our expertise in 1031
Exchanges, What-if Analysis and entity selection. The choices you make now are important and will
reflect on how you’ll prosper (or Not) in the future. We’ll make sure you make the right ones.

Amended returns are another way we’ve learned to help save people money. Many folks inadvertently
overpay their taxes and are entitled to having this grievous situation put right. We’ll see to it that you
don’t pay a dime more than you should.
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